My Preferred Linux Setup


Void Linux

I started my Linux journey on Mint, followed by Manjaro, then spent the lions share of my time in Arch/Arco. So how did I end up on Void? good question. I was making a long term distro review for my youtube channel covering Void linux and liked it so much I switched. I am a firm believer in the idea that distribution doesn’t matter, until it does.

Window Manager/Desktop Environment


I spend most of my time in Herbstluftwm but thoroughly enjoy trying out all available window managers. When I used a full desktop environment, cinnamon was my favorite, it is a well put together and intuitive environment that helped me transition from windows to linux.



With so many other “Better” (not really), options such as zsh and fish, with their auto suggestion and highlighting and plugins galore, why do I still use plain old Bash? Bash is the standard that most distros come with by default, and while the other shells may have more plugins and fanciness, I can accomplish a lot of the same functionality simply by configuring Bash and not installing a bunch of plugins and bloat. I’m not saying the other Shells are not useful or you shouldn’t use them, I just personally prefer the experience of configuring Bash as it helps me to understand what is happening and how things work as opposed to just installing a plugin and moving on.

Text Editor


Need I say more?