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    “Step right up to my digital circus tent, where I’ve corralled the Linux penguins and FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) wonders alongside the eclectic carnival of my thoughts. Consider this blog your one-stop-shop for all things techy, penguin-y, and occasionally philosophical.

    • My Preferred Linux Setup

      Distribution Void Linux I started my Linux journey on Mint, followed by Manjaro, then spent the lions share of my time in Arch/Arco. So how did I end up on Void?

    • My Linux story

      How I got started with linux I have been running Linux now for about 4 years or so and in that time (really it was within the first few months) I have realized one thing, windows sucks.

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    “Step into my digital workshop, where I’ve harnessed the Linux penguins and FOSS marvels to craft a symphony of tech tutorials. This blog is your backstage pass to the world of open-source enchantment and DIY tech wizardry.

    • Installing Void Linux

      Void Linux Install with BtrFS and encryption So you want to install Void Linux, well you’ve come to the right place, so without further ado, let’s get started. Section 1 - Select and Prepare the Device !

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    • Void

      Links to helpful documentation regarding Void Linux Check the build status for Void Linux - Void Buildbot Waterfall Live images and rootfs tarballs - Index of live/current/ Void Linux Github - Void Github

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    My name is Jake, I am the creator and maintainer of jpedmedia.com, the YouTube channel Jake@Linux, and the subreddit r/jakeatlinux.

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      (~) $: whoami _ I entered this world 40+ years ago, in the Pacific Northwest, Washington state, to be a little less vague, but moved my family to Northwest Arkansas in 2017 to escape the overpopulation and increasing cost of Washington.