Get to know me

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I entered this world 40+ years ago, in the Pacific Northwest, Washington state, to be a little less vague, but moved my family to Northwest Arkansas in 2017 to escape the overpopulation and increasing cost of Washington. I am married to a wonderful woman and we have 4 kids together, although two of them are hardly kids anymore. We have 4 cats ( I know I am shocked too ) even though collectively, they only have 7 eyes and 15 legs in the bunch, and 1 dog who is whole, just a little crazy.

I have been an automotive technician (or mechanic as my wife calls me) for the lions share of my life, starting in the independent world on all makes, then moving to the european market, followed by a move into the dealership side of things in the Japanese market, where I have been able to move up to gain the top level in the world of Toyota as a Master Diagnostic Technician, or MDT.

After so many years as a Technician, I have grown tired of the abuse my body takes on a daily basis but still enjoy the troubleshooting/problem solving aspect of my job as well as working with my hands to fix what was once broken. I am now, although I wasn’t always, interested in technology and so Linux has proven to be right up my alley.

I have an Associates Degree in Information Systems from Liberty University and am currently in school at WGU finishing up a Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering, and hope to be able to transition into a career in Technology/software which will afford me the ability to troubleshoot and problem solve, and work with my hands without the abuse on my body.